About us

Quanteq is a leading provider of technology consulting and systems integration solutions to public and private sector organizations in Nigeria. Founded in 1995 in El Segundo, CA, Quanteq has its corporate headquarters in Anaheim Hills, CA and African HQ in Abuja, Nigeria. We have over 40 consultants and professionals in Nigeria who are dedicated to providing leading edge consulting and systems integration solutions to meet the most demanding challenges of our esteemed clients. We are differentiated from our competitors by our commitment to client satisfaction; our in-depth understanding of technology issues and our relentless pursuit of optimal and cost efficient solutions that assist our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Quanteq provides systems and technology consulting services to help our clients derive maximum value from their investments in Information Technology. Our market focus provides consistent delivery, cross-functional teams, flexibility, and client involvement. This allows us to deliver whole solutions based on a complete understanding of our client's needs. Our clients now recognize Quanteq as a single provider of integrated professional services that meet the full spectrum of their business requirements.


To solve challenging performance problems of businesses and organizations using information and communications technology through IT Advisory, IT Project Management, Systems Integration, IT Training/Support


To be Africa's leading and best in class professional services brand for Information, Communications Technology Consulting.

Corporate Values

At Quanteq, our mission is to be amongst the Top Three IT Consulting Firms in Nigeria as measured by Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction/Retention, Corporate Social Responsibility and Revenue. This mission is driven by core values that include:

Thought Leadership: Quanteq is a forward thinking enterprise. We are always aware that the advancements of tomorrow are shaped by the ideas of today. As a result, we are consistently striving to drive industry best practices to higher standards through innovative solutions and initiatives that aim to address the heart of our client ICT challenges in unique and long term ways.

Innovation: Quanteq's long track record of success in assisting clients with their technology implementation projects is buoyed by its deeply entrenched Research and Development philosophy, and the continuous professional development of members of staff to ensure that our expertise remains relevant in a dynamic and fast-changing technology landscape.

Integrity: In an increasingly complex market where the line between business strategy and stakeholders' interests is easily blurred, it becomes important for firms to anchor their business models on principles that are ethical, fair and equitable. At Quanteq, we are committed to the practice of business ethics that consistently demonstrate high standards of integrity to our clients, our industry and the overall community.

Commitment to Delivery: At Quanteq, we strive to differentiate ourselves from other IT consulting firms by emphasizing on project outcomes and not simply on project activities. We dig deeper in obtaining our findings, we get validation and feedback from clients to ensure that our findings reflect the true situation of our clients. We conduct thorough research on alternative solutions to ensure best value, best service and best delivery. Finally, we make an effort to ensure that our recommendations are implementable by clearly identifying the "Quick Wins", and segmenting other recommendations so that our clients know those that are mandatory, those that are necessary and those that are "Nice to have" and also ensure that we follow through on our projects to realize the desired outcomes.

Client Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer: A considerable number of Technology implementations fail because high end technologies are left in the hands of untrained personnel. Quanteq's philosophy of truly partnering with clients to deliver engagements ensures sufficient transfer of knowledge between our consultants and client teams. This reduces project risks while at the same time increasing client participation and client ownership of project deliverables

World Changing Mindset: At Quanteq, we don't embark on a project only for it's business value. Our motivation for taking on an engagement is driven by a more intrinsic motivation to develop and craft solution that impact everyday people and their environments in meaningful ways, now and for many years to come.