Microsoft Dynamics

About Quanteq Microsoft Dynamics Practice

We are one of the most respected business technology consultancies and Microsoft solution partners in Nigeria. We specialise in all things to do with Microsoft and we have earned a reputation for building world-class business solutions and for being at the forefront of technology advancement.

We are passionate about the needs of our clients and their satisfaction is at the heart of our business. The same is true for how we feel about our people.we are steadfast in our commitment to investing in our employees helping them learn, grow and get real exposure to emerging technologies.

Our ethos is to coax and encourage our people to innovate, push the boundaries and do things differently. As a result we have created a team of simply remarkable people. People who are inspired about solving problems, using great technologies and designing solutions that make our clients smile.


Tailored business solutions built on a proven platform

Companies today are always in search of the best return on technology investments. This is a simple business reality. With xRM, companies are now enabled to achieve this by extending the use of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and leveraging its capabilities to design completely new line-of-business applications.

xRM brings together the benefits of custom development and out-of-the- box solutions as it enables companies to leverage entities and applications that come pre-built with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and extend those capabilities to develop a tailored application for their business.

Quanteq has extensive technical experience in all things to do with the Microsoft Dynamics platforms. While leveraging on your company’s investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can design and develop additional business solutions to meet your company’s business needs.

    The xRM platform is perfectly designed to be configured for solutions such as:
  • Loan application management
  • Vendor relationship management
  • Help desk management
  • Case management
  • Student relationship management and much more

We work with clients in all sectors to shape the platform to fit the needs of their operations and increase the business’s return on its technology investment.

The Quanteq expertise

Engaging with the Quanteq team brings real advantages to any Microsoft technology based project. Our singular focus and long standing experience means we probably know more about how Microsoft technology works than any other company out there. When it comes to xRM the benefits we bring to any project include:-

    When it comes to xRM the benefits we bring to any project include:-
  • Expertise in the Dynamics 365 platform – with many satisfied clients and successful projects under our belt, we understand the platform and it capabilities and know how best to design your solution while maximising value and minimizing risks
  • We place our focus on your business needs first and technology second so our team works directly with the key stakeholders in the business to understand how the application will be used, the value it needs to bring and the challenges it needs to address.