IT Training / Support

Generally, performance improvement is one of the most fundamental ways to see business results increase. By investing in employee skills and knowledge, an organization gains in terms of enhanced productivity, superior quality and improved service. The organization's resource base becomes stronger, staff ability to execute duties under pressure and client's confidence in the firm increases.

As technology and systems evolve at an extremely rapid pace, the professionals who do not constantly re-educate themselves and reorient to these changes will be quickly left behind. Such professionals need a consistent training program to provide the skills necessary to be efficient, from the fundamentals of computer appreciation to in-depth ICT training needed for performance in new, evolving systemenvironments.

Training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills or knowledge that relates to specific useful skills competencies. In addition to the basic training required for an occupation or profession, it is recognized today that there is need to continue training beyond initial qualifications to maintain, upgrade and update skillsthroughout working life.

Benefits of Personnel / Staff Training

  • As the business world is continuously changing, organizations will need to provide their employees with training throughout their careers. If they choose not to provide continuous training they will find it difficult to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Training can be cost effective, as it is cheaper to train existing employees compared to recruiting new employee with the skills you need.
  • Training can save the organization money if the training helps the employee to become more efficient
  • Training can be used to create positive attitudes through clarifying the behaviors and attitudes that are expected from the employee.
  • The other benefit of training is that it will keep your employees motivated. New skills and knowledge can help to reduce boredom. It also demonstrates to the employee that they are valuable enough for the employer to invest in them and their development.

Why Choose Quanteq?

Our firm has the relevant track record and proven methodologies for delivering first class training solutions to public and private sector organizations. One of our key differentiators is our focus on delivering tangible Return on Investment (ROI) when we undertake a training engagement. We understand that your investment must translate to tangible improvements in human capital and corporate growth.

We realize that the growth value of any organization or project is intrinsically tied to the quality of its human resources. We also believe that the power of rapidly evolving Information and Communications Technologies can be leveraged to significantly enhance employee productivity as well as provide significant improvements in operational efficiencies across an entire organization or value chain. As such, we are seeking to provide a training solution that will add value to your organization.